30 Major U.S. Companies Hiring Now to Meet Coronavirus Demand

The COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic isn’t just taking a terrible toll in lives, straining the healthcare system and disrupting daily life: It’s eliminating American jobs at an unprecedented pace.

More than 10 million Americans filed for unemployment benefits in March. Goldman Sachs predicts unemployment could reach up to 15% later this year. St. Louis Federal Reserve President James Bullard isn’t nearly so optimistic, believing unemployment could spike to 32% by next quarter.

However, if you’ve suddenly found yourself on the job search, some temporary relief might be on the way. A few sectors are seeing a huge spike in demand, and as a result, a number of companies are hiring right now, en masse.

Employment categories currently seeing a surge in hiring include grocery stores, food delivery services, package delivery drivers, freight trucking, cleaning services, call centers, e-commerce warehouses and logistics, nursing homes, manufacturers of popular shelf-stable food products, pharmacies and security services.

To help anyone out there trying to find a job, we’ve put together a list of 30 of the largest, best-known companies hiring now in response to coronavirus-sparked demand. This list includes what types of job openings are available, how many, and direct links to job application sites. Many of these companies have declared nationwide openings, there’s a good chance that several of these places are hiring near you.

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