Brazilian Influencers increasing commercial exposure during a huge event at Vale do Araguaia-MT

The Influence Power’ event was marked by the presentation of the most renowned companies in the Vale do Araguaia, Mato Grosso, which is a Brazilian region for the agricultural field. The biggest digital influencers in the region promoted brands, service, and products.

The event `The Influence Power’, took place on March 25th of this year at Vale do Araguaia-MT in Brazil. Several digital influencers in the region attended the event. The meeting was sponsored by companies from the city of Barra do Garças-MT and the region at the event place Olimpo. During the event, the influencers had the chance to promote all the brands, products and services. 

Rodrigo Lins, jornalista correspondente, escritor, pesquisador da imigração americana e CEO da agência multinacional Onevox Creative Solutions

“Those kind of expressive events enhance local trade and bring people closer to brands, products and services. It’s the city buying from the city itself, which has an excellent effect on the local economy. It was a great pleasure to attend the event and to be able to cover this initiative in the city”, said Rodrigo Lins, who is an international journalist and CEO of the multinational Onevox Creative Solutions.

According to the event  organizer, the entrepreneur João Pedro, the event was a successful chance for the local commercial trade to get featured. “This was an event that filled me with pride. Having you all here has been wonderful. I hope that the visibility achieved encourages commercial activity in our city and region”, said João Pedro, who organized the event.

Some of the event sponsors, Rayslla Souza and Syelle Aguiar, who sponsored the event through the Movimento physiotherapy clinic and the security company Inviolável, highlighted that the event was a great opportunity to show the brand new offers of their companies to the potential clients. “We had the chance to present our new pilates treatment with equipment and demonstration. It was important for us to be here”, said Rayslla Silva.

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