Cleaning habits changed during the pandemic, and it may not change back

The cleaning product and service industries expect intense cleaning to be a long-term habit from now ahead. At a major player in surfactants and quaternary ammonium disinfectants, sales were up 8% in 2021 over the previous year. Cleaning companies in Florida are facing a high demand now.

It would be a stretch to say the COVID-19 pandemic has made us stronger, but it has certainly made our cleaner. The cleaning product and service industries have seen unprecedented demand for its wares and services over the past 2 years. According to industry insiders, most of the changes that COVID-19 has wrought on the market will be with us for many years.

“We are now having a huge high demand for our cleaning services. People want to keep their homes as clean as possible”, explains Flavia Porto, which owns the company Flacare Services in Florida. “The Flacare team has over 20 years of home care services experience and we notice that the pandemic is really changing the cleaning habits”, says.

According to Flavia, people in Florida are now looking to keep their carpets cleaner than before. “Anyone with carpets also knows they can trap dirt, moisture, hair, pet dander, food, and all kinds of other contaminants”, says. “People are now asking us for a regular cleaning schedule to help them to keep those unwanted guests out of the home. The virus spread is also a concern”, explains Flavia Porto.

The specialist recommends carpet cleaning at least once a year. “There are a number of different cleaning techniques that should be on the schedule for regular cleaning. While vacuuming is short-term, you’ll also need to plan for shampooing, but another cleaning technique to consider is hot-water extraction”, says.

Deep-cleaning your carpets with hot-water extraction should be an annual plan. According to the specialists at Flacare Cleaning Services, the most important action is to count on professional support. “There’s a lot of benefits using professional techniques during the cleaning at home. Using hot water, for example, can pick up more dirt in the carpet itself. Second, because the machines remove much of the water during the cleaning process, the carpet will be dry much faster than in other processes. Generally, hot water extraction is also considered to be more effective in removing stains and deep dirt than steam cleaning”, says.

The Flacare team has over 20 years of home care services experience. They have not only experimented with several techniques over the years but also invested in training and research for the best cleaning products, equipment and techniques in order to achieve the goal of being practical, green, and clean to perfection.

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