Florida Small Business heads into 2022 with optimism, reveals Onevox

The U.S economy is bouncing back from omicron much faster than from the delta variant. One of the largest marketing companies in Florida, Onevox Creative Solutions, is now tracking a fast recovery of the business, especially in the Latin American community.

The U.S. economy notched its strongest growth in nearly four decades in 2021 after the government injected trillions of dollars in COVID-19 relief, and is seen soldiering on this year despite headwinds from the pandemic, strained supply chains as well as high inflation. Also, the border reopens for several Latin American countries it is encouraging the entrepreneurs at the beginning of 2022.

“Many of our clients are Brazilians that own companies here in the U.S, especially in Florida. We are seeing them more optimist with the economy recovering”, says Rodrigo Lins that is a marketing specialist and Director of Onevox Creative Solutions. “The border reopens to flights from Brazil helped several companies, in Orlando, for example, to be back in trail”, says Lins.

The general consensus around the Omicron variant of COVID-19 is that it is much more easily spread than other variants, but maybe less severe. While the jury may still be out on some of the health implications, there is no denying the negative effect it is having on businesses. “We are seeing more business reopening here in Florida”, says Rodrigo Lins.

According to Alignable’s January Omicron Poll, 53% of U.S. small businesses and 57% of Canadian businesses were hurt as a result of the variant. The poll, which surveyed 6,218 small businesses also notes that one percent of U.S. and 4% of Canadian small businesses were forced to shut down and are uncertain as to when they can open back up again.

“30% of our clients that interrupt the marketing investments for their business last year are now getting back and pushing social media and PR investments to boost their companies now in 2022”, explains Rodrigo Lins. “This is the right time to be creative, target different audiences, and skyrocket sales”, recommends Onevox’s Director.

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