iCare Solutions Announces Availability of a New COVID-19 Dashboard with Global Pandemic Statistics

Interactive Dashboards, Data Analysis and Global Stats, and Google Mobility Reports

Cairo, Egypt. August 31st, 2020 – iCare Solutions has launched a new release of its COVID-19 Tracker App with worldwide coverage and global stats, and new features to perform data analysis/comparisons and to explore/compare Google mobility reports, enabling users to get statistics regarding the current outbreak of COVID-19 around the world and gain insights about the pandemic such as how rapidly the virus is expanding and how your community is moving around differently due to COVID-19.

“After the successful launch of our COVID-19 Tracker App, which covers the Arab World, we decided to expand its coverage worldwide and include new important features such as the ability to analyze COVID-19 data and compare it across countries. Furthermore, we realized the importance of Google Mobility Reports and we wanted to let everyone know about them and be able to easily explore them and flexibly compare their data across countries. Therefore, we have added these new features to our App and launched a new version,” said Dr. Hesham Mansour, CEO of iCare Solutions.

COVID-19 World Tracker, Stats, and Mobility Trends App

COVID-19 World Tracker App is an interactive dashboard style App that includes multiple dashboards to track COVID-19 reported cases, perform data analysis and comparisons for COVID-19 data across countries, and explore and compare Google Mobility Reports.

The COVID-19 tracking feature includes three main dashboards for the World (shown in Figure 1), Arab World, and Egypt. Each Dashboard provides three different types of graphs (CumulativeLogarithmic, and Daily graphs) that show current and historical COVID-19 confirmedrecovered, and death cases for a selected Country.

The Data Analysis and Stats Dashboard (shown in Figure 2) includes an interactive data grid for COVID-19 Stats along with a default Graph for the first five countries and a dynamically created Graph for comparing the data across any number of countries. The Graph is fully customizable and the user can configure the Graph DataSettings, and Format.

The Mobility Trends Dashboard (shown in Figure 4) includes an interactive data grid for Google Mobility Reports along with a default Graph for the selected country and a dynamically created Graph for comparing the data across any number of countries.

The App collects and displays latest COVID-19 local and global news in both Arabic and English.

The App has Dark and Light themes and supports both Arabic and English and the user can easily switch between them from within the App.

The App has responsive design and can run on Desktop, Web, Tablet, and Mobile. It can be installed as a Progressive Web App (PWA) to run as a Standalone App on Mobile devices.

The Main App is available at https://covid19.icare-solutions.org and the English version is available at https://covid19.icare-solutions.org/en/.You can install the App on your device by adding it to your “Home Screen” on Android and iOS devices. You can also download the Android version of the App at http://icare-solutions.org/?page_id=240.

About iCare Solutions

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