In interview, Brazilian’s President says that most immigrants have ‘no good intentions’

To the FOX News the President, who met today with Trump, praised the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico.

A few hours of being received by President Donald Trump at the White House, Jair Bolsonaro praised the conservative Fox News television network, the host migration policy, claiming to be in favor of the construction of the wall on the border with Mexico and that “most of the immigrants don’t have good intentions. “

“We agree with the proposal on the wall,” said Bolsonaro, in the interview of just under 10 minutes, shown on Monday evening (18). “The majority of immigrants do not have good intentions, or want the best or do good to the American people.”

The Brazilian still stated that the immigration policy of Trump is linked, in a way, the maintenance of democracy in South America. And criticized France, which left the borders open to receive refugees without any selection or filter.

“And have open borders in my view is a view absolutely bad. It’s not a good decision.”

Two days before, your son, Congressman, and Chairman of the House Foreign Relations Committee, Eduardo Bolsonaro, had already said that Brazilians illegally in the United States are “a disgrace” for Brazil. Eduardo still suggested that the U.S. Government was right not to release the tourist visa exemption to Brazilians – since “a lot of people would come in the United States of illegal and illegally would remain there”.

On Monday (18), in a unilateral decision, the Government has exempted visa tourism Bolsonaro citizens of the United States – and also to Japan, Canada, and Australia. Brazilians are still required to go through the process of visa to the US, and even the inclusion of Brazil in the so-called “Global Entry”, which streamlines the entry into the country of frequent travelers, occurred.

Itamaraty estimates to 2017, about 1.3 million of Brazilians living in the United States-most in Florida and Massachusetts. It is the 19th largest immigrant community in the United States.

A survey made by Brazilian researchers Álvaro de Castro Lima and Alanni Barbosa de Castro for the book “Brazilians in the United States: half a century Remaking America (1960-2010)”, from the U.S. Government, shows that the  Brazilian community  in the USA is more qualified and is more integrated than the average of other immigrants in the country: 71% of them work, 83% speak English well or very well, and 37% of them naturalized.

Venezuela and Marielle

During the interview, asked about the possibility of installation of an American military base in Brazilian territory. The idea had been accepted by the Bolsonaro shortly after your possession and confirmed by Chancellor Ernesto Aguilar, but angered the military Summit. After the Government denied there is such a possibility.

On Venezuela, the President said that Brazil faces “some limitations” to think of military intervention in the neighboring country. “Trump mentioned all the possibilities. We can’t think of all the possibilities, “he said.

“But all that is realistically possible, on the diplomatic front, in order to help the US overcome this issue, we will do,” he added.

The question should be one of the main topics of the meeting between Bolsonaro and Trump, at the White House, on Tuesday (19).

The Brazilian was questioned also by about his statements polemics against women and homosexuals. “I have nothing against homosexuals, or against women, and I’m not xenophobic. But I want to have my own house in order. The definition of family, to me, is the Bible, “said, completing be against taking to” children of 5 years in schools “the issue of homosexuality.

He even said that if he were homophobic, misogynist and xenophobic “wouldn’t have been elected” and credited to “fake news”. “But now the population learned to use social networks, and nobody trusts more in mainstream media,” he said, criticizing the media once again.

Bolsonaro was even asked about the publication in your official Twitter profile, a video obscene during Carnival. He stated that the video was already circulating and that he only wanted to “show how the Carnival was going on”.

About Marielle Franco, the journalist questioned claims of a possible link between your family and the assassins of Deputy Mayor.

Bolsonaro replied that “some of the police officers in Rio de Janeiro are great friends. “By coincidence, one of those suspected of murdering his neighbor was not Dead but lived on the other side of another [condo] Street. Just found out that he lived there after seeing the news. “

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