What is behind the $122 Billion Economic Impact of the U.S Equine Industry? The expert Franklin Ortega explains

The total economic impact of the horse industry in the United States is $122 billion, creating 1.7 million jobs. About 31 percent of United States households contain a horse enthusiast. Only in Florida, there are 387,300 horses. Franklin Ortega, who is a specialist in this field for over 30 years explains the benefits of bringing international products to the industry.

The equine industry has a significant impact on the national economy. If a recently released report from the American Horse Council Foundation is any indication, that impact is far greater than most people – even equine enthusiasts – might suspect. Completed in cooperation with The Innovation Group, the 2017 Economic Impact Study of the U.S. Horse Industry examined several financial facets of the equine industry, including employment numbers, land reserved for horses, and the current prominence of horse enthusiasts in families across the nation.

According to the animal health and feeding expert Franklin Ortega, who has been in this business market for over 30 years, the promising scenario for horses in the United States is doing well for the US economy. Through the company he leads, JAF International Trading, Ortega is the one responsible for providing products such as shampoo, special food, and other products essential for the industry to keep growing.

“We are importing, for example, Equigras, which is a supplement for horses that offers Omega 3 and Omega 6. It is a UNIQUE product made with natural ingredients”, explains Franklin Ortega. “The EQUIGRAS product is a product manufactured in Colombia. In 2020, the company that manufactures it gave us at the Jaf International Trading the exclusive distribution of the product in the U.S”, says the expert.

Mr. Ortega also explains why it is of extreme importance to the U.S equine industry to count with international products and solutions. He explains that the industry needs to keep learning with many solutions found worldwide. “It`s not only about selling a product. It is more about techniques and solutions that the other countries are finding out and implementing”, says. “Our product, for example, offers advantages due to its composition, easy administration, and efficacy”.

Mr. Ortega`s work is bringing positive results to the industry. Comparing results from the 2005 and the 2020 studies, the equine industry appears to have grown significantly over the course of the past decade. In 2005, the industry generated a total economic impact of $102 billion, compared to an impressive $122 billion in 2017. These numbers are valuable to demonstrate to the public the huge role that horses play in American households and in the national economy.

The United States is home to over 7.2 million horses. The leading states for horse populations include: Texas: 767,100 horses, California: 534,500 horses and Florida: 387,300 horses.

“International companies are working hard to bring to the US some good products and techniques, the contribution of these companies is essential to accelerate the growth of the Equine industry”, says Franklin Ortega. “The industry has also increased its demand for highly qualified professionals who can handle the work inside the U.S.  Meeting that need for professionals will also be of great importance and will guarantee the future growth of the Industry”, explains Ortega.

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