Why Food Resources Economic Specialists are recommending Big Data to Boost Food Industry?

The food industry is worth $81 trillion globally, which also means there is a ton of data waiting to be processed and analyzed, providing an undeniable advantage, when applied. Every stakeholder, starting with farmers, shippers, and retailers, ending with restaurants and shops, must have relevant data on the product and its condition says the specialist Agustin Demartini.

It is no wonder the food industry is one of the most vital industry segments for humanity. The consumers need the meal to be fresh, healthy, and tasty. The stakeholders of the supply chain need full visibility and various info on customers’ preferences, transportation status, restaurant prices, just to name a few. The industry is changing and now the Food Resources Economic Specialists are helping to boost it.

“Since the overall progress advances with gigantic steps and the market environment is becoming way competitive than ever”, says Agustin Adrian Demartini, that is a Food Resources Economic Specialist. He believes everyone is eager to find a breakthrough solution. “The companies leveraging Big Data have found the way to a perfect food industry analytics, in order to boost business, reduce expenses and research trends”, says the specialist.

Agustin also explains that the help of Food Resources Economic Specialist is more important than ever. “We are able to help to apply and manage the data resources getting the best for the company”, says. Restaurants are no exception. “Oftentimes, the owners of these businesses don’t pay attention to the wealth of data about customers they possess. Therefore, they miss opportunities to reduce costs and improve their guest experience. With the right Big Data implementation, restaurant stakeholders can get real-time data analysis and make timely improvements”, explains Agustin Adrian Demartini.

The Future of the Food Industry

The reason the Food Specialists are recommending the Big Data analytics is simple: help the companies to find answers on these days of the pandemic. “For instance, founders can discover their highest-selling and most expensive items, the performance of staff across the departments, and more. Based on it, they can find some costly mistakes and fix them. Explore how one US restaurant benefited from big data analytics despite the industry tech unawareness”, recommend Agustin.

This year the restaurant industry is estimated at $899 billion in the USA. “With a huge quantity of competitors, the restaurant business is quite risky and could be even painful without in-depth timely insights on the market. More so, since the pandemics spread, manipulating the data may help you to save on expenses and even save your business”, explains the specialist.

“Restaurant data analytics is all about gathering data from anywhere and analyzing it to get crucial insights. Restaurant analytics software may define problem areas, which can affect food quality, freshness, etc. It can also monitor the market and adjust to new trends and competitive prices.”, says Agustin Adrian Demartini.

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